Accidental half marathon this weekend

Went for a long run Saturday night – decided to switch intervals to 2:00/0:30 and aim for about 10 miles. Ended up doing 13.1 when I missed a turn b/c I was fighting with my headphones.  Even with that, and the hot temperature, and a 2 minute walking break when I was trying to talk to Nan about how I was running late, I still was less than 2 minutes off my PR – not bad.

My frustration is definitely high with my LifeProof Case.  I take that back, I actually like the case.  I like that it is waterproof and that there’s a nice (but not cheap) armband that it snaps into.  What I hate is the headphones issue.  Unless you use the Apple Earbuds, you need to use an adapter due to the width of the opening in the case.  I’ve now gone through 2 of these – since February!  On this run my right audio cut out at about 5 miles, and after I’d already missed my turn and was going the long way home, the left cut out at about 8 miles… so 5 miles of running with no audio.

This is especially a pain in the ass since one of the reasons I enjoy going out for a run is to get “out of my head”… I put on a nice audio-book – usually one I’ve read before so that if my mind wanders I don’t really miss anything in the story – and just run.  Five miles of silence had me near crazy by the time I got home.

So now the phone is out of the case and I need to figure out what to do moving forward.   I need a good case for the iPhone 5, but one that’s not too bulky so that it can fit into an armband while in the case when I run.


Saturday Morning Run

Trying to get back into the swing of things with running.  April was really bad – work was busy so it was hard to go at lunch.  And of course I was fighting off a cough.  My goal today was to do at least a 10k (and push to 15k if I could), but it’s in the high 80s and there’s no reason to kill myself.

Starting back up

It’s been many years since I’ve maintained a blog here on  Since that time I’ve been using the domain just for email and file storage.  I think it’s time to jump back in though.

I’m not sure entirely what this blog will talk about – most likely everything I’m doing (however boring that is to the rest of you).  Very likely -

  • My marathon training
  • Books I’m reading
  • Movies & TV
  • All about my family – especially Jordyn and Tyler

Let’s see how long I keep this going.